Monday, October 8, 2012

Polymer Clay Color Recipes - Ceramic Tones

This is one of my favorite palettes from (check it out, they have many) and I used it to formulate some polymer clay color recipes that I then used for the pebble beads above. They're not perfect - feel free to tweak them if you like - but I did my best. Enjoy!

The taupe color gave me the most trouble, as you can see by all these failed attempts, but I eventually found a color I am happy with!

 All color recipes use Premo Sculpey polymer clay. You may use these recipes in anything you make or sell, but if you post them, please link back to me at Thank you!
(from top)

Taupe                                                    Brown                                                  Dark Gray
8 parts White                                        10 parts Rhino Gray                            2 parts Black
2 parts Beige                                         2 parts Burnt Umber                           1 part White
1 1/2 parts Blush                                   1/2 part Denim                                    1 part Rhino Gray
1 part Denim
1 part Sunshine
1 part Black

                                 Light Gray                                              Beige
                                 11 parts White                                        22 parts Beige
                                 2 parts Black                                          1/2 part White
                                 1/2 part Denim                                       1/8 part Black
                                 1/2 part Blush                                        1/8 part Blush

UPDATE  It has come to my attention that Polyform has reformulated the Premo! Sculpey color "Rhino Gray" since I came up with these recipes, which throws off the color recipes for Brown and Dark Gray.  I intend to re-do those two recipes to see if I can make them right.  Until then, my apologies!